NitePlug Mobile App

“Besides being transparent, Twin Sun stayed within the budget without trying to upsell unnecessary add-ons. They promised they would complete the job, informed me of any changes, and delivered as expected.”

— Founder @ NitePlug


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The NitePlug app went through multiple developers and designers over a 3 year span, without much to show for it. A combination of incompetence and people not following through on their commitments, left the NitePlug app in need of recovery.


In our initial meeting, we were able to hear the NitePlug story, make a genuine connection, and understand their goal of releasing to the app store. After reviewing the existing code and design, we unfortunately found very little to salvage. Instead, we recommended starting over and outlined a clear path to get NitePlug live. After investing a lot of time and money with previous efforts, this was certainly not the news Niteplug wanted to hear. However, after many real, honest conversations and after setting clear expectations, we decided to start fresh and build NitePlug the right way. They secured some investment dollars, so we designed an app based on their budget and outlined a fixed price proposal that achieved their goal of going live.


NitePlug is now live in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store! We created a custom app design, built out the backend, designed and developed niteplug.com, and developed iOS and Android apps. NitePlug is live on iOS and will be available on Android early 2019. We are supporting the app through its launch and will continue to help NitePlug as they gain feedback and plan for future releases.