About Twin Sun: Becoming the Best App Development Company in Nashville

How Twin Sun Began

For the longest time, we had good, steady jobs at another app development company. We wrote software, built teams, and ran departments. As amazing an experience as it was, we were not in charge.

We’d often talk of the changes we’d make if we had our way in how to run the business. Those little “if I were in charge” moments added up over time. While we had a great place to work, eventually, it was time to leave and look for the next great adventure. So why not build our own adventure instead of tagging along for someone else’s?

Twin Sun Partners

Heading out on our own. Mostly confidently.

We knew a few things about the type of company we wanted to build. First, we only wanted to work with great clients who would view us as partners. We were not the stereotypical programmers in a basement, and had no patience for people who treated us as though we were. Second, we wanted to have a material impact on the success of clients’ businesses. Instead of building a product and hoping it succeeds, we wished to be there every step of the way to increase the product’s chance of success.

And finally, we wanted the power to make all of those “if I were in charge” decisions to make our small piece of the world a bit better. No more telling clients “I’m sorry, but …” when the goals of our businesses were in conflict. We set out to build an agency that bucked the adversarial model most agencies offer: an agency whose goals aligned with the goals of our clients. Instead of focusing on what we could get, we chose to focus on what we could grow.

So what’s with the name?

Twin Sun is a reference to the Star Wars planet Tatooine. Tatooine was home to Luke Skywalker and orbited two suns.

The Best App Agency Isn’t Always First

Our first client already had a software development team. They had a decent foundation for a product, but progress had stalled. Our client needed an honest assessment of what was going on, what could be done to improve things, and how much it would cost to get to a public launch.

How Good Agencies Become Bad

One of the benefits of being in the agency world for a while is understanding exactly why this scenario played out like it did. There’s a few reasons projects may start out fine and get worse over time. Employee churn is a big one. The agency can’t retain the talented team who started your project, so they give you replacements. The replacements know less than the original developers, but they try. Until they get better job offers and also leave. Then the next string of replacements come along, knowing less than the last group. And so on and so forth.

Another common problem is technical in nature: the product requirements evolve but the code base doesn’t. Someone may occasionally ask for “refactoring time”—a break from new feature development so they can improve stability in existing features—but they leave out a hairy little detail. Refactoring time is all the time. If developers aren’t refactoring as they go, they are amassing junk on top of the heap. The app doesn’t work how the developers originally thought, but they never take the time to fix it the right way after learning more about your business requirements. That junk they keep piling on top of your product is called technical debt.

How They Go From Bad to Worse

Finally, there’s the ever-present profit motive. Every business has to make money, sure. But sometimes the need to make money leads agencies to make heartless decisions. They reassign experienced developers to projects where “their expertise is needed” (read: where their hourly rate is higher). Sometimes there are even gaps where you have no developers assigned to your project. Other work takes priority or no one bothered to coordinate vacation schedules or whatever else. And so you’re left sitting and waiting, with an unfinished project and no one willing to help you.

There’s a way to fix all of those problems. Unfortunately, agencies often don’t realize their unsustainable behaviors hurt your business until you call to tell them you’re breaking up with them. To the typical app development company, a missed deadline is just another Tuesday. To you, it’s a cancelled marketing campaign that cost you tens of thousands of dollars and weeks to organize.

We Believe There is a Better Way

Of course, we’ve also seen projects in the agency world that exceeded all expectations. When you get down to the fundamental reason why certain teams accomplish amazing things, it’s rather simple. If the team cares about your product or your business or you, they’re going to do a great job. That doesn’t mean they won’t make mistakes, but they’ll fix them. Good teams seek out success. They find ways around obstacles when others find reasons to stop. No excuses, just a shared sense of purpose that drives them forward. That’s how we work.

And so far, this approach has served us well. By every metric we care about, we are the best app development company in Nashville. All of our clients are highly satisfied with our work. More users are installing our clients’ apps every day. Their apps are functional, reliable, and aesthetically pleasing. Every single person we’ve worked with has given us heart-felt testimonials that make us feel like we changed their world.

It’s not because we’re perfect. We’re far from it. But everyone we work with knows we care. We want the best for them and their business. Were it any other way, our clients wouldn’t be our clients. This mutual care and respect for one another means we make decisions that seem counter-intuitive to typical agencies.

Most app development companies hate recovery efforts.

We prefer recovering projects, because we’re more interested in long-term partnerships than making a quick buck.

Specializing in Recovery Efforts

Doing what’s right for our clients sometimes means making a decision no other agency would make. It’s hard to find the best app development company for building your app, and sometimes you may end up working with the wrong company. When you find it’s time to move your work to another agency, you don’t want to start over.

However, that’s oftentimes what your new agency will tell you to do. They don’t want to inherit a buggy code base or take responsibility for problems that already exist. To avoid blame for your existing project’s code base, many agencies gleefully take the opportunity to pitch you on a complete rewrite. While this may be the right call some of the time, you’ll find agencies recommending a rewrite more often than they should.

What’s that mean to you? Throwing away all of your hard-earned lessons about what works and what doesn’t. Repeating the same mistakes the last agency made. Screwing up in new and interesting ways. Resetting your product timeline to Day One. Does any of that sound like the right thing for your business?

While we enjoy starting new projects too, we understand the sizable investment you’ve already made when you come to us with an existing product. We respect what you’ve already done, and we’ll make the best of it. That might mean rewriting some of your existing app, but we’ll be using a scalpel instead of a hatchet.

When you come to us in the middle of a project, we’ll start by assessing what you already have. Then we’ll give you a report outlining areas in need of improvement, including an estimate to meet your goals and objectives. Together, we’ll work to make the best of what we have and focus on the best approach for your app and your business.

Almost 80% of our clients come to us for recovery efforts.

We know what it’s like to be stuck in the middle of a project. We can help you see it through to the end.

Delivering on Our Promises

I am so thankful to be working with you guys and feel so good that there are capable people I trust on the other end of this thing.
Christina Clark
President, It's Your Birthday!

Whether we’re starting something new or coming in during the middle of a project, we’re going to keep our promises. We set clear expectations and meet our commitments. Clear communication and consistent performance is important to us. These practices build trust and make all of us feel better about what we’re doing.

And once we’ve kept our promises, we want to celebrate our success. How we celebrate depends on what we’ve accomplished and what you care about. However, one way we love to celebrate is to share your story. When we complete a major development effort, we’re going to ask you if we can talk about it. This may result in us sharing your app on social media, blogging about your app, or writing up a case study to showcase your product to the world.

We only work on products we can be proud of.

Partnerships only work when we all believe in what we’re building. We want to see all of our clients’ businesses thrive.

Our Track Record as the Best App Development Firm

When we say we’re the best app development company in Nashville, you don’t have to take our word for it. Plenty of our clients have publicly reviewed our performance.

If that’s not enough, we have several clients who are willing to speak with you directly to share their great experience with Twin Sun.

They acted more like partners than vendors throughout the project. It was clear that they were invested in our success. They're awesome.
Anne Fletcher
Cofounder, TravelSOUL

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