About Twin Sun

We started Twin Sun to work with people we enjoy and build excellent software. Our clients rely on us to deliver products that improve their lives. We take that responsibility to heart.

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Building relationships

When we founded Twin Sun in 2017, we outlined a few principles about the type of company we wanted to build. First, we only want to work with great clients who view us as partners. We value relationships that last.

Second, we want to have a material impact on our clients’ businesses. We work to make every situation better.

Finally, we want to make business decisions with our clients' best interests in mind. We succeed together.

These principles guide our continued success. We've found that when we focus on the relationship and do what we say we're going to do, good things follow.

Our Client Partners

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Delivering results

Our software development process empowers you to make informed decisions and see results quickly.

We focus on your top priority, build a good solution together, and improve it until we meet your goal. Then we take your next priority and do it again.

Our Process

Meet our team

We are a remote-first team that shares a passion for building excellent software.

Photo of Chris Wraley Chris Wraley President
Photo of Caleb Hamilton Caleb Hamilton Chief Financial Officer
Photo of Dave Lane Dave Lane Chief Executive Officer
Photo of Jami Couch Jami Couch Chief Technology Officer
Photo of Austin Parker Austin Parker Software Developer
Photo of Brandon Goodman Brandon Goodman Software Developer
Photo of Caitlin Rice Caitlin Rice UI/UX Designer
Photo of Greg Cesnik Greg Cesnik Senior Software Developer
Photo of Jack Parsons Jack Parsons Lead Developer
Photo of Patrick Billingsley Patrick Billingsley Software Developer
Photo of Sarah Maginnis Sarah Maginnis Software Developer
Photo of Wilfred Bayudan Wilfred Bayudan Software Developer
Photo of Zak Raymer Zak Raymer Lead Developer

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