We build trust that leads to great software

bringing humanity to technology

How can we help?

We build trust that leads to great software

bringing humanity to technology

How can we help?

What it’s like to work with us

We focus on doing what we say we will do

With Twin Sun, you’re never pushed off to a junior developer. You deal with expert app developers, based here in Nashville. We are an intentionally small team that has ownership in the work we do. We care deeply about our work and designed our business so that you can always trust us to give you our best.

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Some things we believe

After years of experience and countless apps
Humanity Comes First

Instead of being bogged down by process or impressing you with our technical prowess, we want to be human beings first. We want to relate to you before we work with you; this has proven to be a recipe for success.

We should be on your side

Most development agencies focus on extracting as much money from you as possible. We focus on eliminating perverse incentives, understanding your goals, and offering the best advice we can muster.

Technology is the easy part

The success of an app, or any business, heavily relies on some pretty simple things: clear communication, setting expectations, and doing what you say you will do. We are experts in technology, but that’s the easy part. 

What we do

We specialize in web and mobile development and can build from scratch or augment your team.
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What our clients have to say

“Their help has been miraculous- where other companies see a wall, they see an opportunity to find a solution.”

President @ It's Your Birthday!

“I appreciated their availablitly, and it was clear that they were invested in our success. They’re awesome.”

Co-Founder @ TravelSOUL

“I’d first like to just say you guys are amazing. I’m really impressed with the progress and SO pumped that it’s so on track. I’m seriously just so grateful I found you guys!”

Owner @ Artful Agenda

How can we help you?

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