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I am so thankful to be working with you guys and feel so good that there are capable people I trust on the other end of this thing.

Christina Clark
President, It’s Your Birthday!

We Are Nashville’s Top App Development Firm

Your App Developers Should Be On Your Side

Most app development agencies are designed to extract as much money from you as possible. It’s great for their business, but terrible for yours. When we started Twin Sun, we asked ourselves if we could become the best Nashville app developers without hurting our clients. That meant breaking the typical agency model. Our model works because we eliminate perverse incentives, are transparent in our work, and offer you the best advice we can muster. We do these things despite the short-term profit potential of being like everyone else.

We Believe in Equitable Working Relationships

You see, we’re not interested in maximizing profit for the next quarter. Just like you, we want to have a business that thrives for years to come. We are making that happen by building long-lasting, sustainable relationships with clients. It means doing more than reading a spec and punching out code. We use our combined decades of experience in mobile and web app development services to advise you. When you work with us, expect advice on user experience, engagement, design, conversion optimization, sales, marketing, customer support, business operations, technical recruiting, pitching to VCs, and so much more.

Why do we offer all of this support? Because we are invested in your success. If your business doesn’t succeed, we miss out on future opportunities with you. If your business thrives, we grow together. Therefore we optimize for growing together.

What It’s Like to Work with Us

With Twin Sun, you’re never pushed off to a junior developer. We don’t have any. You only deal with expert app developers, all based here in Nashville. We are an intentionally small team, and everyone here is an owner of the company. We care deeply about our work and designed our business so that you can always trust us to give you our best.

Your team establishes regular checkpoints for you to review their progress. You get to know and love your team. We give you a working product that you can hold in your hands every single week, not empty promises about the future.

And when there are problems, they’re not your problems. They’re our problems, and we’re going to figure them out. We take ownership for our work, and that means doing what we can to make your app—and your business—successful. We are goal-driven, curious, vulnerable, and accountable. You see what we are doing as we do it. We celebrate our good work together.

They acted more like partners than vendors throughout the project. It was clear that they were invested in our success. They’re awesome.

Anne Fletcher
Cofounder, TravelSOUL

Giving You a Reason to Celebrate

Before Twin Sun, the It’s Your Birthday (IYB) app had been languishing. The old app developers had been building IYB for 2 years. They were difficult to reach, nickel-and-dimed their client, missed deadlines, and failed to deliver core features of the app. Despite charging as much as an expert mobile app development company, they just couldn’t deliver.

When IYB came to Twin Sun, we knew what we had to do. We’ve seen this nightmare scenario before, and we’ve successfully turned nightmare projects into dream products. Fixed-price agreements with guarantees, a 100% transparent development process, and regular meaningful communication with our client were just some of the tools we used to turn things around. The future for IYB started looking brighter every day.

Now the IYB mobile app is available in the App Store. We remain IYB’s technology partner, helping them plan the future of IYB and ensuring every app user has a very happy birthday.

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Their help has been miraculous. Where other companies see a wall, they see an opportunity to find a solution.

Christina Clark
President, It’s Your Birthday

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