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Split view of a designed mobile app screen, showing a low fidelity wireframe on the left and a high fidelity design on the right

After spending months refining your app idea, you still have one question: who should you trust to build it?

You're looking for app developers who understand why your idea is important. The ideal team builds your app because they believe in it.

You want people who have done this before. They have answers to the questions that you don't yet know to ask. This isn't a search for the cheapest vendor. It's the beginning of a lasting partnership.

Every decision at this stage matters. You need experts who know how to make your app a success without experimenting on your business.

We've been there, and we've helped dozens of clients face the same challenges you are facing. In fact, we started Twin Sun to help good people build excellent software.

Confidently Building Together

Our first conversation will be about your business, your goals, and your vision for the future. Once we understand where your business is headed, we form a dedicated team to help you get there.

You see a working app in your hands the very first week. You can review our progress as often as you like. We welcome your feedback at every step.

You know the people building your app, and their good work shows you how much they care about your business. We work with you every day until your app is a success.

Testimonial from Sunny Treadway, E-Commerce Manager at SKC Enterprises; the quote reads: We're able to combine our knowledge and work towards a profitable solution together.

Reaching Your Goals Within Your Budget

Together, we plan a goal-based budget for creating a successful app. We discuss our progress every week to ensure we stay on target.

We stand by the quality of our work. If we discover issues during internal testing or the first 30 days after your first App Store release, we fix them for free.

Groundwork's CEO Jeff came to us with an idea that he had validated with potential customers. We worked together to define goals for his MVP that fit within his budget. With our help, he had paying customers using his new web app within four months.

Screenshot of an administrative screen in the Groundwork app

Launching When You Like

We have launched apps with valuable user experiences in as little as one month.

Your app will always be in a releasable state. We launch in the App Store when you decide it's ready.

App Store updates occur as frequently as you wish. You are always in control of your product's release schedule.

Testimonial from Christina Clark, President at It's Your Birthday!; the quote reads: Where other companies see a wall, they see an opportunity to find a solution.

Technology Experts

Twin Sun's team is led by technology industry veterans. We've been building mobile and web apps for 15 years, have worked for Inc 500 companies, served Fortune 100 clients, and (finally) started our own business.

Today, our 100% U.S.-based team of developers and designers build products we're proud of for clients with great ideas.

Testimonial from John Shoup, Partner at Nibble Technologies; the quote reads: The only thing I wish I would have done sooner was meet Twin Sun.

Let's Make Your App a Success

Tell us about your app idea and what you're looking for in an app development partner. We'll plan a time to meet and discuss how we can help.