It’s Your Birthday Mobile Apps

“Their help has been miraculous – where other companies see a wall, they see an opportunity to find a solution.”

— President @ It’s Your Birthday!


New Project

Flutter (Mobile)
Java (Android)
Objective-C (iOS)
Ruby (Backend)
AWS (Deployment)

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The It’s Your Birthday product had the It’s Your Birthday recovery effort resulted in a published application on iOS; but there was a desire to re-design the application and release on Android as well.


When re-designing the IYB product, it was important to focus on vibrant colors, appealing UX/UI, and sleek animations and user flow. The first step here was finding choke points in the existing flow, and focusing on improving them with the new design. Changing things like the video creation process to follow a non-linear process, and allowing guest user access, were pivotal in the re-imagining of the user flow. Twin Sun ended up writing a new back-end in Ruby on Rails, and developed the mobile app from scratch using Google’s Flutter framework.


The It’s Your Birthday app can be found in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We are actively consulting and planning out an enterprise focused solution as the next step for the IYB product!