Artful Agenda Web App Recovery

“I’d first like to just say you guys are amazing. I’m really impressed with the progress and SO pumped that it’s so on track even though I had to step away for a bit to deal with my fundraiser. I’m seriously just so grateful I found you guys!”

-Katy @ Artful Agenda


Project Recovery


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Prior to our involvement, the Artful Agenda web app was seemingly stuck in an ever expanding timeline. After missing the initial launch window and becoming concerned about the ever increasing cost, Artful began to explore other agencies for help.


With our combined experience, we were quick to notice that the current agency relationship was far from ideal, and was not on track to improve. Artful desired a fixed set of remaining features, and wanted to have a firm understanding of the cost to get there. We took the necessary time to review the code, remaining issues, deployment set-up, and anything else we could. This allowed us to come up with a fixed price proposal that accomplished all of the remaining goals for a beta launch.


The web application is now in live! After a successful launch, we have continued maintaining and adding to the app in support of the strong user base. We also launched mobile apps in 2019!