NASHVILLE, August 30, 2022 – Twin Sun has promoted Jack Parsons and Zak Raymer to the position of Lead Developer. The duo are the first to hold the position at Twin Sun.

Lead developers are responsible for technical guidance on client projects. They assist others on the Twin Sun team with technical specifications, architecture, code reviews, testing, and troubleshooting.

Jack is an integral part of our team and exemplifies our core values of humility, excellence, and ownership. He has a passion for teaching and helping others, often going out of his way to help his peers.

I am pleased to recognize his technical leadership with this well-earned promotion to Lead Developer.

Jami Couch, CTO

Jack Parsons joined Twin Sun in January 2021, and has focused much of his time at Twin Sun on Ruby on Rails development, server administration, and cloud-based infrastructure utilizing Amazon Web Services.

Prior to Twin Sun, Jack graduated from the Full Stack Web Development Bootcamp at Nashville Software School (NSS). He was then hired at NSS as a teaching assistant.

Jack is a talented musician, graduating cum laude with a Bachelor of Music in Guitar Performance and Songwriting from Berklee College of Music. He teaches guitar, bass guitar, ukulele, and mandolin in his spare time and frequently performs in Nashville with his band, Smart Objects.

Zak is one of our most trusted developers, able to take on a wide range of technologies and find the best solutions to problems. His curiosity, fueled by a passion for programming, is insatiable. He is constantly seeking ways to improve his skill set and share his knowledge with others.

Zak's promotion to Lead Developer is evidence of what we value as a team: humility in what we know and excellence in our work.

Jami Couch, CTO

Zak joined Twin Sun in August 2020. During his time at Twin Sun, he has worked with a broad variety of technologies, including Amazon Web Services, Flutter, Laravel, React, and Ruby on Rails.

Zak is a self-taught software developer and previously worked as a Junior Developer at Aloompa.

In his spare time, Zak enjoys creating video games, applying his skills gained from work to Unity development and vice-versa.