We started Twin Sun in 2017 with some pretty simple goals in mind from the beginning. We wanted to help people navigate the app development world, and we wanted to be proud of the work we did. Our prior experiences gave us the expertise and motivation to build a sustainable company.

On a tiny white-board in the upstairs bedroom of an East Nashville bungalow, we began to outline the flow of our website and initial messaging. We talked through our target market, some non-negotiables as owners, some opportunities to differentiate ourselves as a company, and—most importantly—how to build a sustainable business. We quickly settled on two core beliefs that we felt were essential to sustainability: Always do what you say you’re going to do and Always do the right thing no matter what. These are still the two primary mantras of our company and have served us well.

In the very beginning, we decided to focus on what we called ‘recovery efforts’. These were people who already hired another company to help them with their development project, and for whatever reason, they weren’t finding success. We knew many of the reasons this could happen and wanted to help people navigate a seemingly lost situation.

The first client we took on had a large amount of time and money invested and very little to show for it. The contract was confusing and money was tied to development time with no valuable output. They had been in ‘development’ for over 3 years and didn’t have an app in the app store. We took over the project and had them published in the app store in 5 weeks.

Recovery efforts led to some of our best clients and provided an opportunity to build trust and show value early. We found the same success with clients looking to bring new ideas to market as well as software teams that needed additional development help. Over the years we’ve been able to solve problems for people in all stages of development. No matter the situation, the process remains the same: We identify the goal, prioritize work, and show value early. Trust is established and then reaffirmed with our original goal of doing what we say we will do and doing the right thing.