Harvest Timer and Work Logs for Jira Cloud

Keep your work logs in sync with Harvest time logs and see up-to-date time tracking estimates in Jira. See the time remaining on your Jira tasks and ensure your estimates are accurate.

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Use Harvest Timer and Work Logs for Jira Cloud to easily track time in Harvest without ever leaving Jira. Screenshots of the Harvest Timer and Work Logs App for Jira Cloud

Sync Harvest and Jira Work Logs

Automatically add Jira work logs to match your Harvest time entries. A matching Jira work log is created every time you create a manual time entry or stop a timer from the Harvest Timer and Work Logs app.

See Time Remaining in Jira

Logging time from the Harvest Timer and Work Logs app updates the time spent on your Jira tasks. See how much of your original estimate has been used and how much time is remaining.

Start and Stop Harvest Timers

Track your time with a Harvest timer from any Jira issue details screen. See the status of your running timer within Jira.

Manual Time Entries

Did you forget to start your timer? You can add manual Harvest time entries, or even log time for a previous day.

Project-Specific Defaults

Save your Jira project preferences for Harvest projects and tasks when logging time. The next time you log time in the same project, your preferred Harvest project and task will be pre-selected for you.

Time Entries Linked to Tasks

Easily see which Jira task your time is logged to from Harvest. Your Harvest time entries automatically link to the Jira task you're working on.

Using Harvest Timer and Work Logs

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End User License Agreement

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Security & Privacy

This app does not store, track, or share your personal data. Data associated with this app is stored within Atlassian Cloud and managed by Atlassian Forge. If you have a security question or concern, please send a support request to atlassian.support@twinsunsolutions.com.

Support Requests

Please send a support request to atlassian.support@twinsunsolutions.com if you require assistance.