What is Critic?

Critic is a platform developed by Inventiv Tools that allows for programmatic bug and feedback reporting from your mobile application. It is a system that allows product owners to receive instant feedback through a user friendly web portal. For developers, it is very simple to integrate into Android, iOS, and now Flutter applications.

Our Involvement

We use Critic for feedback and bug reporting on the majority of our projects. Whether it is to capture end user suggestions for features, screen shots of errors that are occurring, or automated log submission during an application crash, it has allowed up to capture and fix all sorts of issues across the projects we are working on.

Twin Sun has used Critic since the Fall of 2017, and we used it natively in Android and iOS. However, given our recent declaration that Flutter is our platform of choice, it was fitting to take the day and develop a Flutter package to make Critic integration easy for anyone using Flutter as their primary development tool. We are really hoping to help fellow developers and product owners who are using Flutter to experience the streamlined feedback/bug process that we have experienced throughout our projects.

We have a Flutter package that we published today to help our fellow Flutter developers, and we definitely welcome any community help to our GitHub repo for future enhancements. We will be adding to this over the coming weeks.

Sound good?

If you have a software challenge and need our help, or if you would like to learn more about how we use Critic, please contact us!