The Challenge

The agency needed additional development capacity to serve their larger clients’ project needs.

The Solution

Twin Sun developers augmented the agency’s team to increase throughput on time-sensitive projects.

The Results

The agency attained their clients’ delivery goals on schedule without increasing their own headcount.

Software Development Consulting for Connected Physical Security

Unger Software Consulting works with global brands in commercial and residential security. They develop software that powers digital door locks and other Internet-connected physical security devices.

The company’s clients had a number of projects they wanted to complete, but Unger Software did not have the staff to complete everything on the desired schedule. Ron Unger, CEO of Unger Software, has a long relationship with Twin Sun’s partners from working together at previous companies, so he reached out to us to see if we could help.

"Ultimately, the product has my name on it, so it’s my reputation at stake. I trust that they’ll help me to be successful with projects because they want to work on future projects. Twin Sun focuses on maximizing a long-term relationship for long-term returns."

Ron Unger, CEO, Unger Software

Surging Development Capacity With Staff Augmentation

We met with Unger Software and their client to review our capabilities and their priorities. Then we identified areas where we could quickly assist. Our team was able to support mobile and web development needs and speed up delivery to meet the client’s desired timelines. This enabled Unger Software’s team of developers to focus on tasks requiring deep business knowledge of their client’s systems while we focused primarily on general development tasks.

Using Twin Sun to augment Unger Software’s existing staff meant Ron could increase his team’s throughput and expand their capabilities without growing his own headcount. Addressing temporary staffing needs through Twin Sun’s development team proved to be more economical than making his own permanent hires for short-term needs.

"We’ve partnered on projects that neither one of us could’ve managed on our own. They’re excellent technological generalists with many skills."

Ron Unger, CEO, Unger Software

Expanding Technical Capabilities and Service Offerings

Twin Sun’s development team added to Unger Software’s existing expertise. Our combined knowledge enabled Unger Software to offer React UI development, native iOS app development, and other services that they would not have offered their clients without Twin Sun.

Twin Sun capabilities utilized by Unger Software

  • Enterprise Java Web Application Development
  • Docker Containerization
  • CI Performance Optimization
  • Test Parallelization
  • Native Android App Development
  • Native iOS App Development

Ongoing Staffing Flexibility

We continue to collaborate with Unger Software to address short-term staffing needs. Subcontracting with Twin Sun decreases lead time for starting new projects.

"Their team learns how to be successful on any given project, which the quality of their work reflects."

Ron Unger, CEO, Unger Software

Read more about our relationship with Unger Software in Ron’s review on Clutch.