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Twin Sun Named Global Leader for Ruby on Rails and Mobile App Publishing Services

We are proud to be recognized as a 2023 Global Award Winner for Mobile App Publishing and Ruby on Rails services on Clutch, the leading global marketplace of B2B service providers. Thank you to all of our clients who have taken the time to share their experiences working with us!

This award marks the third consecutive year of Clutch awards for Twin Sun, and our first Global Award. Twin Sun has been recognized six times by Clutch and other directories as an outstanding software development and design services provider.

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Recent Public Launch

Criticless: Media Reviews From Regular Moviegoers

Blaine Andrews is a movie buff that loves watching and reviewing movies with his friends. Movie critics are sometimes out of touch with the general public, so Blaine wanted to create a platform where everyone's voice could be heard.

His idea became Criticless, a site that showcases reviews from the general public rather than professional critics. Anyone can read and write detailed movie reviews, engage in discussions, and rate content.

We're excited to be Blaine's development partner and to help him build a platform for moviegoers to share their opinions. Congratulations to Criticless on launching this fall!

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Jami Couch Wins Google Open Source Peer Bonus

Our CTO, Jami Couch, has been awarded a Google Open Source Peer Bonus for his contributions to the Flutter framework! This program recognizes open source contributors who have been nominated by Googlers for their exceptional contributions to open source projects.

Jami's Flutter framework contributions include numerous improvements to iOS text editing and added support for iPad-specific functionality. Read the full announcement on the Google Open Source Blog.

Refer your friends and earn 5%

Refer a new client to Twin Sun and we'll pay you a 5% commission on their first agreement. Introduce us to someone looking for an app developer, and we will take it from there!

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Recent Public Launch

TuneMaps: Find Local Live Music Playing Right Now

Imagine you're new in town, eager to immerse yourself in the local music scene but unsure where to start. You open TuneMaps and instantly find a list of live music events happening around you. As you scroll, you see venues ranging from cozy cafes to bustling nightclubs, each with real-time updates and user reviews. Glowing recommendations from fellow music enthusiasts lead you to a bar with a live band that you would have never discovered on your own.

With TuneMaps, you effortlessly bridge the gap between being an outsider and becoming a part of the city's vibrant music scene. TuneMaps helps you find the shows you want to see, whenever and wherever you want to see them. Don’t miss out on all the incredible music your city has to offer!

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Employee Highlight

Jack Parsons, Lead Developer

Jack Parsons

Jack possesses a remarkable blend of talents. From center stage to the culinary arena of his home kitchen, Jack's journey is one of diverse passions. A gifted musician and member of the indie rock band Smart Objects, he enthralls audiences with his guitar skills. Off-stage, Jack's culinary prowess shines, delighting friends and family with his flavorful creations.

At Twin Sun, Jack's skills enrich our culture. His musicality, culinary art, and flair as a Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Master bring a lot of joy to the team. Read more about Jack's impressive and diverse talents.