Client Success Stories

We build software with success in mind. Here are a few of our clients’ success stories.

It’s Your Birthday


Before Twin Sun, the It’s Your Birthday product had been in development for 2 years of both time and monetary cost. After multiple hourly based contracts, the product was yet to be released to the app store, and still had a list of crucial features and fixes to get there. It was clear that a Recovery Engagement was needed.


We began with the first step of our Recovery Engagement, by vetting the current state of the product. This included an in-depth code analysis, dev-ops infrastructure review, and a deep understanding of the product goals. Together, we matched up a finite list of remaining scope that met the goals and budget of the It’s Your Birthday team. Our agreement was structured as risk-free as possible, being a fixed-price guarantee with the majority of the cost due after the application was successfully live.


The It’s Your Birthday app can be found in the iOS App Store. Since going live, we have been helping consult on their future product plans, as well as working to implement more robust video creation features for their iOS app.

Their help has been miraculous. Where other companies see a wall, they see an opportunity to find a solution.

Christina Clark
President, It’s Your Birthday!

US Framing


US Framing had an outdated website and was looking for a team to perform a full overhaul and re-make their website using current technology and design standards. After working with some independent WordPress developers, and being both underwhelmed and never receiving a full product; they began to worry about using a platform such as WordPress, and believed they needed to custom build their site.


We made careful note of all of their concerns, and determined that the technology (WordPress) was not the constraint. After a full review of their old site, and their attempts at new sites, we recommended to stick with WordPress. A custom written website was not needed for their goal and would end up with wasted cost for unnecessary work. We covered a few themes that were ideal for their goal, and then drafted a fixed price cost effective proposal that allowed us to have the level of creative freedom we needed to accomplish their goal, while also allowing US Framing revision cycles to change content and page layouts throughout the process.


The new website can be found at Additionally, we built their website in a highly maintainable way and provided a full step-by-step process manual for adding and editing the main areas of content so that they can perform their own updates in the future if desired.

Twin Sun did an outstanding job with our site; everyone at USF loves it. They went above the call when we asked them to help take our archaic webpage from the 2000s into a current, sleek, and modern look. We will definitely be working together in the future.

Austin English
Financial Controller, US Framing



The NitePlug app went through multiple developers and designers over a 3 year span, without much to show for it. A combination of incompetence and people not following through on their commitments, left the NitePlug app in need of recovery.


In our initial meeting, we were able to hear the NitePlug story, make a genuine connection, and understand their goal of releasing to the app store. After reviewing the existing code and design, we unfortunately found very little to salvage. Instead, we recommended starting over and outlined a clear path to get NitePlug live. After investing a lot of time and money with previous efforts, this was certainly not the news Niteplug wanted to hear. However, after many real, honest conversations and after setting clear expectations, we decided to start fresh and build NitePlug the right way. They secured some investment dollars, so we designed an app based on their budget and outlined a fixed price proposal that achieved their goal of going live.


NitePlug is now live in the Apple App Store! We created a custom app design, built out the backend, designed and developed, and developed iOS and Android apps. NitePlug is live on iOS and will be available on Android early 2019. We are supporting the app through its launch and will continue to help NitePlug as they gain feedback and plan for future releases.

Besides being transparent, Twin Sun stayed within the budget without trying to upsell unnecessary add-ons. They promised they would complete the job, informed me of any changes, and delivered as expected.

William Johnson
CEO, NitePlug



TravelSOUL needed a minimal viable product to beta test their unique take on a friend finder and traveling experience. Being an early stage startup, with limited capital for this effort, it was critical that we provide an optimal approach given their desired features and budget.


We decided to approach their mobile application using Flutter, the Google backed cross-platform development framework. This allowed us to save significantly on cost by not writing and maintaining two code bases for Android and iOS. Additionally, we took the time to pre-plan out our software architecture approach to ensure that we could provide a fixed price contract within TravelSOUL’s budget.


The private beta was successful, and we are looking forward to being a part of TravelSOUL’s future. We are helping them iterate on design, and identify the next phase of development, and prepare for their app store release, early 2019.

They acted more like partners than vendors throughout the project. It was clear that they were invested in our success. They’re awesome.

Anne Fletcher
Cofounder, TravelSOUL

Artful Agenda


Prior to our involvement, the Artful Agenda web app was seemingly stuck in an ever expanding timeline. After missing the initial launch window and becoming concerned about the ever increasing cost, Artful began to explore other agencies for help.


With our combined experience, we were quick to notice that the current agency relationship was far from ideal, and was not on track to improve. Artful desired a fixed set of remaining features, and wanted to have a firm understanding of the cost to get there. We took the necessary time to review the code, remaining issues, deployment set-up, and anything else we could. This allowed us to come up with a fixed price proposal that accomplished all of the remaining goals for a beta launch.


The web application is now live! After a successful launch, we have continued maintaining and adding to the app in support of the strong user base. We are also now working on the mobile apps, expected to launch early 2019!

I’d first like to just say you guys are amazing. I’m really impressed with the progress and SO pumped that it’s so on track even though I had to step away for a bit to deal with my fundraiser. I’m seriously just so grateful I found you guys!

Founder, Artful Agenda

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