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“Twin Sun did an outstanding job with our site; everyone at USF loves it. They went above the call when we asked them to help take our archaic webpage from the 2000’s into a current, sleek, and modern look. We will definitely be working together in the future.”

— Austin @ US Framing


New Development

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US Framing had an outdated website and was looking for a team to perform a full overhaul and re-make their website using current technology and design standards. After working with some independent WordPress developers, and being both underwhelmed and never receiving a full product; they began to worry about using a platform such as WordPress, and believed they needed to custom build their site.


We made careful note of all of their concerns, and determined that the technology (WordPress) was not the constraint. After a full review of their old site, and their attempts at new sites, we recommended to stick with WordPress. A custom written website was not needed for their goal and would end up with wasted cost for unnecessary work. We covered a few themes that were ideal for their goal, and then drafted a fixed price cost effective proposal that allowed us to have the level of creative freedom we needed to accomplish their goal, while also allowing US Framing revision cycles to change content and page layouts throughout the process.


The new website can be found at usframing.com. Additionally, we built their website in a highly maintainable way and provided a full step-by-step process manual for adding and editing the main areas of content so that they can perform their own updates in the future if desired.