TravelSOUL Mobile App

“I appreciated their availability, and it was clear that they were invested in our success. They’re awesome.”

— Co-Founder @ TravelSOUL


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TravelSOUL needed a minimal viable product to beta test their unique take on a friend finder and traveling experience. Being an early stage startup, with limited capital for this effort, it was critical that we provide an optimal approach given their desired features and budget.


We decided to approach their mobile application using Flutter, the Google backed cross-platform development framework. This allowed us to save significantly on cost by not writing and maintaining two code bases for Android and iOS. Additionally, we took the time to pre-plan out our software architecture approach to ensure that we could provide a fixed price contract within TravelSOUL’s budget.


The private beta was successful.  We helped TravelSOUL iterate on their app design and identify the next phase of development, then published public releases to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. We are looking forward to being a part of TravelSOUL’s future.