Artful Agenda Mobile App

“I’d first like to just say you guys are amazing. I’m really impressed with the progress and SO pumped that it’s so on track even though I had to step away for a bit to deal with my fundraiser. I’m seriously just so grateful I found you guys!”

-Katy @ Artful Agenda


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After the successful release of the Artful Agenda Web Recovery Effort, Artful and Twin Sun began building the mobile application version of the Artful product to reach a broader audience.


Using Flutter to create the same user flow across both devices was paramount to the success of building the mobile applications. Flutter allowed pixel perfect control over all of the UI elements, which is especially important for an application meant to replicate the intricate customization of a paper calendar.


The mobile applications are live on iOS and on Android. After a successful launch, we are maintaining and adding to both the mobile and web applications as the user base grows!