We’ve been in this game for a long time

We are a small group with a collective 40 years of experience in software development. We have built software, led teams, and ran departments. We are now focused on doing interesting work and working with good people.

Why we started Twin Sun

Doing it our way

Prior to Twin Sun, we had good, steady jobs at another app development company. We wrote software, built teams, and ran departments. As amazing an experience as it was, we were not in charge. Eventually, it was time to leave and look for the next great adventure. So, we decided to start our own thing and do it our way.

We knew a few things about the type of company we wanted to build. First, we only wanted to work with great clients who would view us as partners. Second, we wanted to have a material impact on the success of clients’ businesses, instead of building a product and hoping it succeeds.

And finally, we wanted the power to always make decisions with people’s best interests in mind. Instead of focusing on what we could get, we chose to focus on how we could help. An engagement might follow, but only if it’s the right thing to do. We needed to start with trust and knew that this would lead to a sustainable business we could be proud of.

Some things we believe

Simple concepts applied to software development

The only thing that truly matters is genuine, positive human-interaction


Always do what you say you are going to do


It is OK to routinely break process in favor of doing the right thing


We are always trying new things and innovating on existing solutions


Problems are typically rooted in a lack of clear communication


“Just be smart” is an acceptable expectation

Meet Our Team

You will work with the owners of Twin Sun

Business Development

UI/UX Design

The Only Sports Guy




Comedic Relief








Phone Obsessed

We are experts in these things

Our Skills

Software Development Processes

Development Agency Vetting

Development Agency Sales Processes

Mobile and Web Design

iOS Development

Android Development

Flutter Develpoment

Backend Web Develpoment

Frontend Web Development

Technical Project Planning

Code Review and Recovery

SEO and Digital Marketing

What’s with the name?

Twin sun is a reference to the star Wars planet Tatooine. Tatooine was home to Luke Skywalker and orbited two suns

What’s with the name?

Twin Sun is a reference to the Star Wars planet Tatooine. Tatooine was home to Luke Skywalker and orbited two suns.

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